• Computer Repairs

    Our facilities are capable of performing a wide range of computer repairs. We can replace any component that might be malfunctioning or might be in need of an upgrade. We can quickly diagnose issues, and provide you with a complete estimate for your approval prior to making any changes to your computer. We can find a solution that fits your needs and your budget. 

  • Software Sales

    Software is an ever evolving need. From software updates, to operating system upgrades, we can suggest the correct solution for your IT needs.

  • Hardware Sales

    Modern programs use more computer resources than older versions. We can assess if your current hardware will perform well for your current and future plans. If you need an upgrade we can suggest the best computer for your needs and eliminate the guesswork of choosing the right computer.

  • Laptops

    Having a computer that goes with you is a must for many people. A laptop being dropped or damaged is a risk user’s take, but there is usually no need to replace it. Our technicians can replace screens, keyboards, touch pads, internal components, and other parts. Give us a call for more details about your specific need.

  • Networking

    Many home business and small businesses use multiple computers and must share data and resources such as scanners and printers. Whether your system includes only two computers or is the base of a large company, we can help with network implementation. We offer consultation and repair services for existing systems as well as installing brand new networks. Our experts can help your specific system run smoothly and efficiently. We can build a network from the ground up. From cabling to server and workstation installations, we do it all!

  • Virus Removal

    Viruses are a problem all computer users must face. If your computer is showing signs of having a virus, please contact us immediately to avoid compromising or loosing your valuable data. Some symptoms include, but are not limited to: A slow-running computer, multiple pop-ups when your computer turns on, programs you do not remember installing in your “my programs” list, shortcuts appearing on your desktop that you did not put there, or even friends telling you that your emails have a virus. If your computer has any of these symptoms, or is just acting differently, be sure and contact us for a computer check-up.

  • Training

    New computer products are a great way to improve productivity, but are useless if your employees don’t know how to use them. We provide support for our clients so they can maximize productivity by reducing the learning curve.

  • Data Recovery

    Data retrieval can be complicated if a computer fails or becomes infected with a virus. If you find you are missing data due to a hardware failure or a virus we may be able to retrieve it for you! Contact us immediately for a quot

  • Remote Support

    Through use of secure and well tested software we can perform a  remote sessions to better serve you in a more timely manor. We can help you with minor issues remotely as long as you have a working high speed internet connection. We are capable of connecting to both Windows and Apple based computers.